Tenure Track Opportunities

Positions in Health Services Research and Aging

The Faculty of Nursing at the University of Alberta is recruiting two tenure track faculty positions: a junior (e.g., assistant professor) individual and an early mid-career (e.g., associate professor) individual both in the aging area and focused on: Health Outcomes and Quality of Care/Quality of Life. We are seeking highly productive individuals with a strong grounding in the quantitative sciences, e.g., epidemiology, quantitative sociology, biostatistics, and in mixed methods. Specifically, we are seeking individuals experienced in conducting clinical trials. Experience in improvement and implementation science methods or working with large databases are assets, as is, a focus on improving quality of care and life for older adults with later stages of dementia. Completion of successful postdoctoral training will be an advantage.

Visit the University of Alberta website for more information: https://careers.ualberta.ca/Competition/A102337879/

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