A multi-committee governance structure is set in place to meet the mission and goals of TREC.

International Scientific Advisory Committee (ISAC)

The International Scientific Advisory Committee (ISAC) is a standing committee that advises the TREC 2.0 Research Management Committee (RMC) on a broad range of scientific and organizational matters. It also informs the TREC Advisory Board of its overall assessment of the scientific progress that is being made to support achievement of TREC 2.0’s ultimate objective. The committee meets every 6 months. 


Dorothy Pringle
AMS Inc.
Sube Banerjee
University of Plymouth; Plymouth, UK
Jean-Louis Denis (Chair)
University of MontrealMontreal, QC Canada
Colleen FloodUniversity of Ottawa; Centre for Health Law, Policy & Ethics; Ottawa, ON Canada
Howard FeldmanUniversity of California; San Diego, CA USA
Nicolette van GestelTilburg University; Tilburg, Netherlands
Arlene BiermanAgency for Healthcare Research & Quality; Rockville, MD USA
Janice KeefeMount Saint Vincent University; Halifax, NS Canada
Peter Norton
University of Calgary (Professor Emeritus); Calgary, AB Canada

Research Management Committee (RMC)

The Research Management Committee (RMC) is the standing committee of TREC that serves as the primary decision-making committee with respect to TREC’s research, training and knowledge to action investments. The committee meets every 3 months. 


Carole Estabrooks (Chair)
University of Alberta
Corinne Schalm (Co-Chair)
Alberta Health
Adrian Wagg
University of Alberta
Greta Cummings
University of Alberta
Malcolm Doupe
University of Manitoba
Peter Norton
University of Calgary
Krista Milford (Secretariat)University of Alberta
Joel MinionUniversity of Alberta
Janice Keefe
Mount Saint Vincent University

Data Management Committee (DMC)

The Data Management Committee (DMC) advises on data stewardship and management issues related to TREC data collections. It makes recommendations to the Research Management Committee (RMC) on all policies and procedures in the areas of data processing and quality control, privacy and security, data access and flow, data requests, and data preservation and archiving. The committee meets monthly. 


Jeff Poss (Chair)
University of Waterloo
Oludotun (Joseph) Akinlawon
TREC Data Unit Manager
Madhawa Alahakoon
TREC, Research Assistant
Malcolm Bray Doupe
University of Manitoba
Yinfei Duan
TREC, Post-Doctoral Fellow
Adrian Wagg
University of Alberta
Andrea Gruneir
University of Alberta
Janice Keefe
Mount Saint Vincent University
Rose McCloskey
University of New Brunswick
Krista MilfordTREC, Associate Director
Kelli O’Brien
Newfoundland and Labrador Health Services
Seyedehtanaz (Tannaz) SaeidzadehTREC, Post-Doctoral Fellow 

VOICES - Citizen Advisory Committee

The Voices of Individuals, Family and Friend Care Givers Educating Us (VOICES) advisory committee provides input relevant to and based on resident/family member/caregiver experience to the TREC Research Management Committee (RMC) to help ensure that individuals most affected by research outcomes have a meaningful voice in the TREC research program. This Committee meets every 4-6 months.


Andrea Gruneir (Chair)Alberta
Vacant (Co-Chair)

Graham Bond (Co-Chair)
Lee CardwellAlberta
James (Jim) Mann
British Columbia
Barbara Kieloch
Roberta Bishop
Faye Forbes
Nova Scotia
Alvin Schrader

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