Summer Students



Clarisse Bosco, Brittany DeGraves, Grace Werner, Kennedy Dirk, Crystal Park

Clarisse Bosco (Supervisor: Dr Andrea Grunier) is a third year bilingual nursing student from the University of Alberta. She is working on a systematic literature review on staff burnout and resident outcomes in nursing homes with TREC investigator Dr Andrea Gruneir and TREC PhD student Stephanie Chamberlain. She has received a scholarship from the Faculty of Medicine. In the future she hopes to pursue graduate studies in the Faculty of Nursing.

Brittany DeGraves (Supervisor: Dr Carole Estabrooks) is currently in her third year of the BScN Honors program at the University of Alberta. She is working on the Safer Care for Older Persons in Residential Environments (SCOPE) study and with TREC postdoctoral fellows Yuting Song and Adam Easterbrook. She is also working on her Nursing Honours project under the supervision of Dr Carole Estabrooks. She is currently funded by the Faculty of Nursing.

Grace Werner (Supervisor: Dr Matthias Hoben) is a third year nursing student at the University of Alberta. She is working with TREC investigator Dr Matthias Hoben on a literature review to identify the frequency of resident deaths without burdensome symptoms, and to determine factors leading to minimal burden. Grace is funded by the Canadian Frailty Network (CFN). Grace is hoping to pursue a career as a Nurse Practitioner.

Kennedy Dirk (Supervisor: Dr Jennifer Knopp-Sihota) is a fourth year kinesiology student at Western University. She is working with TREC investigator Dr Jennifer Knopp-Sihota. She is currently involved in a systematic review on the barriers and facilitators of pain assessment in nursing home residents. Kennedy has a growing interest in geriatric medicine.

Crystal Park (Supervisor: Dr Carole Estabrooks) is a third year nursing student at the University of Alberta. For TREC's summer program she is working with postdoctoral fellow Adam Easterbrook on various projects such as SCOPE, SALTY, and INFORM.


Yajing Hao, University of Alberta (Carole Estabrooks)
Muhammad Moolla, University of Alberta (Carole Estabrooks)
Kristy Kang, University of Alberta (Carole Estabrooks)
Yi Zhang, University of Alberta (Carole Estabrooks)
Jingwei Lim, University of Alberta (Carole Estabrooks)
Abigail Heninger, University of Calgary (Zahra Goodarzi, Jayna Holroyd-Leduc)

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