Student and Trainee Research

Postdoctoral Fellows


Heather Campbell-Enns (University of Manitoba) is a postdoctoral fellow working with Dr Malcolm Doupe. Her research focuses on the psychosocial health needs of individuals and families across the lifespan. She is partnering with Manitoba Health, Seniors and Active Living to focus on innovations in continuing care in Manitoba. The goal of the fellowship is to create and apply evidence to guide housing with health services policy reform, enabling these housing options to function more effectively as an alternative to nursing home use for some people in Manitoba. Heather holds an interdisciplinary PhD, a Master of Science in Family Social Sciences, and a Bachelor of Education. She was a recipient of a CIHR Fredrick Banting and Charles Best Doctoral Award and a Research Manitoba PhD Studentship.

Yuting Song

Yuting Song (University of Alberta) is a post-doctoral fellow with the Safer Care for Older People (in residential) Environments (SCOPE) intervention. She completed her PhD in August 2017 and started the postdoctoral fellowship with Dr. Carole Estabrooks in September 2017. She holds a PhD in Nursing from Duke University (U.S.) and a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing from Shandong University (China). The focus of her research is improving the quality of care in long-term care settings. Particularly, her doctoral work focused on understanding residents’ care needs related to pain and functional limitations and how the care environment supports or fails to support residents’ care needs. She has developed strong expertise in conducting mixed-method research during her doctoral work. In line with her research interests, she aims to develop quality-improvement interventions that integrate both residents, family members, and formal caregivers in providing high-quality care for long-term care residents.

We are currently recruiting graduate students and postdoctoral fellows

Doctoral Students

Stephanie Chamberlain

Stephanie Chamberlain (University of Alberta) is a doctoral candidate with Dr. Carole Estabrooks. She is an Alzheimer Society of Canada Doctoral Fellow and a Revera Scholar. Before coming to TREC she was a research coordinator at the Bruyère Research Institute (Ottawa, ON) and a graduate student trainee at the Nova Scotia Centre on Aging (Halifax, NS). Her PhD work will document the prevalence, health, and potentially unmet care needs of residents who are under public guardianship in Alberta nursing homes. Stephanie is currently the Immediate Past President of the Canadian Association on Gerontology Student Association and an executive member of the Alberta Association on Gerontology.


Kelsey Holt (Dalhousie University) is a medical student in the class of 2021. She completed a BSc with Combined Honours in Neuroscience and Russian Studies from Dalhousie in 2016. Kelsey’s interest in care of the elderly stems from working in a long term care facility in Halifax since she was 16 years old. In her spare time she teaches swing dance, rides horses, and trains in Muay Thai boxing.

Ibo MacDonald

Ibo MacDonald (University of Ottawa) is a Doctoral student in the School of Nursing (Faculty of Health Sciences) at the University of Ottawa supervised by Drs Janet Squires and Ian Graham. Ibo has worked in the long-term care (LTC) sector for over 12-years as a health care aide, nurse and director of care. Her most recent role at the Registered Nurses' Association of Ontario as a long-term care best practice coordinator, had her assisting LTC homes with the implementation of best practice guidelines. These experiences have helped to develop her research interest in best practice utilization by health care aides. Her research will explore unit-level research use (i.e., use of best practices) by health care aides in LTC through secondary analysis of TREC 1.0 data.

Tim Rappon

Tim Rappon (University of Toronto) is a student in the M.D./PhD program at the Institute of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation and a Vanier Scholar. His clinical training in a rehabilitation and complex care hospital in the first year of the MD/PhD program led to an ongoing and evolving interest in the ways in which the care of complex older adults is organized and delivered. Under the supervision of Drs. Whitney Berta and Samir Sinha, his research examines the sustainability of quality improvement programs in elder care settings. As a TREC Trainee, Tim is studying an intervention to sustain gains in quality of care obtained through a health care aide-led quality improvement initiative (SSaSSy). He is also leveraging the TREC Survey data to explore how health care aides’ work life impacts their work outcomes and the care of residents in long term care homes.

Masters Students

Laura Aloisio

Laura Aloisio (University of Ottawa) is a Master of Nursing student in the School of Nursing (Faculty of Health Sciences) at the University of Ottawa supervised by Drs Janet Squires and Wendy Gifford. In 2015, she graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing with high distinction from St. Francis Xavier University in Nova Scotia. While completing her graduate studies, Laura works as a Registered Nurse in Complex Continuing Care at Ottawa’s St. Vincent's Hospital. Her research interests include quality of life in long term care, job satisfaction among nursing staff, and leadership traits of effective nurse administrators. Laura is combining her interests for her Master's thesis, which will examine predictors of registered and licensed practical nurse job satisfaction in residential long term care facilities through a secondary analysis of the TREC data.

Megan Campbell

Megan Campbell (University of Manitoba) is a Master of Science student in the department of Community Health Sciences at the University of Manitoba supervised by Dr. Malcolm Doupe. She has a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Sociology from the University of Manitoba. Megan has worked as a research assistant at the University of Manitoba’s Centre on Aging, as well as the Manitoba Centre for Health Policy. Her current research interests include older adults and their pathways of care through the health care system. Her Master's thesis concerns the pattern of emergency department use for older adults, in particular those with cognitive impairment, who are waiting for admission into personal care homes.

Melissa Demery Varin

Melissa Demery Varin (University of Ottawa) is a Master of Nursing student in the School of Nursing (Faculty of Health Sciences) at the University of Ottawa supervised by Dr Janet Squires. In 2014, she graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from The University of Ottawa. While completing her graduate studies, Melissa works as a Registered Nurse at the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO) and The Ottawa Hospital (TOH). She also works as a Graduate Research Assistant with Janet Squires, focusing on projects related to the regulated workforce in long-term care, as well as projects in implementation science. Her research interests include research utilization among nursing staff, knowledge translation / implementation research, systematic reviews, nursing education, and surgical-oncology research. Melissa's Master's thesis examines predictors of registered and licensed practical nurse research utilization in long-term care facilities through a secondary analysis of the TREC data.

Helen Doan

Helen Doan (University of Alberta) is a Master of Nursing student supervised by Dr. Carole Estabrooks. Helen has worked in elder care in various roles, from healthcare aide to floor nurse. Throughout her years as a caregiver Helen has focused on the utilization of best-practices and quality improvement for both patients/residents and their families. Currently, Helen is the Director of Nursing at a facility where she institutes and maintains programs in collaboration with the interdisciplinary team to reduce: wounds, falls, catheters, end-of-life discomfort, overprescribing, and inappropriate antipsychotic use. By working with the TREC team, her goal is to discover innovative ways to further the knowledge and development of best-practices for elder care.

Jasper Yeung0

Jasper Yeung (University of Alberta) is a Master of Science student in the School of Public Health (Clinical Epidemiology) at the University of Alberta supervised by Dr. Adrian Wagg and Dr. Allyson Jones. While completing his graduate studies, Jasper works as a research assistant with front-line health care staff and care home directors to evaluate the spread and sustainability of a long term care quality improvement program in British Columbia and Alberta. Jasper’s Master's thesis examines predictors of toileting disability in residential long term care facilities through a secondary analysis of the TREC data.

Past Trainees

Postdoctoral fellows

Reza Yousefi-Nooraie, University of Toronto (Whitney Berta)
Adam Easterbrook, University of Alberta (Carole Estabrooks)
Matthias Hoben, University of Alberta (Carole Estabrooks)
Thomas Lo, University of Alberta (Carole Estabrooks)
Maryam Nesari, University of Alberta (Carole Estabrooks)
Amanda Beacom, University of Alberta (Carole Estabrooks)
Karam Turk-Adawi, York University (Liane Ginsburg)
Jennifer Knopp-Sihota, University of Alberta (Carole Estabrooks)
Elizabeth Dogherty, University of Alberta (Carole Estabrooks)
Natalia Ricci, University of Alberta (Carole Estabrooks)
Lisa Cranley, University of Alberta (Carole Estabrooks)
Anastasia Mallidou, University of Alberta (Carole Estabrooks)
Anne-Marie Boström, University of Alberta (Carole Estabrooks)
Alison Hutchinson, University of Alberta (Carole Estabrooks)
Susan Slaughter, University of Alberta (Carole Estabrooks)

Doctoral students

Asako Futami, University of Tokyo (Carole Estabrooks)
Sandy Cobban, University of Alberta (Carole Estabrooks)
Janet Squires, University of Alberta (Carole Estabrooks)

Master’s students

Lauren MacEachern, Mount Saint Vincent University (Janice Keefe)
Erin McAfee, Mount Saint Vincent University (Janice Keefe)
William Bambrick, University of Alberta (Carole Estabrooks)
Heather Carleton, University of Alberta (Carole Estabrooks)
Kaylie Hoglin, University of Alberta (Carole Estabrooks)
Faith Ko, University of Alberta (Carole Estabrooks)
Christina Manraj, University of Alberta (Carole Estabrook)
Shauna Zinnick, University of Manitoba (Malcolm Doupe)
Alison (Lucarotti) Connors, University of Alberta (Carole Estabrooks)

Undergraduate students

Kennedy Dirk, University of Western Ontario (Jennifer Knopp-Sihota)
Clarisse Bosco, University of Alberta (Andrea Gruneir)
Grace Werner, University of Alberta (Carole Estabrooks)
Yajing Hao, University of Alberta (Carole Estabrooks)
Muhammad Moolla, University of Alberta (Carole Estabrooks)
Kristy Kang, University of Alberta (Carole Estabrooks)
Yi Zhang, University of Alberta (Carole Estabrooks)
Lim Jingwei, University of Alberta (Carole Estabrooks)
Abigail Heninger, University of Calgary (Zahra Goodarzi, Jayna Holroyd-Leduc)
Nancy Huynh, University of Alberta (Carole Estabrooks)
Rodolfo Maia, University of Alberta (Carole Estabrooks)
Hongjin Xiang, University of Alberta (Carole Estabrooks)
Raissa Pereira, University of Alberta (Carole Estabrooks)
Yifan Zheng, University of Alberta (Carole Estabrooks)
Billy Zhao, University of British Columbia, Vancouver (Jennifer Baumbusch)
Kexin Yu, University of Alberta (Carole Estabrooks)
Tianyuan Xiong, University of Alberta (Carole Estabrooks)
Huimin Hu, University of Alberta (Carole Estabrooks)
Sol Baik, University of Alberta (Carole Estabrooks)
Anna Brandtner, University of Alberta (Carole Estabrooks)
Pooja Patel, University of Alberta (Carole Estabrooks)
Chelsea Moran, University of Alberta (Carole Estabrooks)
Autumn Jackson, University of Alberta (Carole Estabrooks)
Veronica Bergstrom, University of Alberta (Carole Estabrooks)
Leo Akioyamen, University of Alberta (Carole Estabrooks)
Angelle Kent, University of Alberta (Carole Estabrooks)
Michelle Zdebliak, University of Alberta (Carole Estabrooks)
Hannah Jerke, University of Alberta (Carole Estabrooks)

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